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PROXIMA’s design allows you to perform pure tensile/compression tests, as well as 3 and/or 4 point bending tests and biaxial tests up to 3kN.

Each test can be performed during EBSD analysis, achieving very low sample-to-screen and working distances.

Diffracted cone for tensile/compression sample

Diffracted cone for 3- or 4- point bending sample

Diffracted cone for biaxial sample

Smaller WD (working distance)

A shorter WD creates a pattern center near the top of the phosphor screen so that the diffraction intensity is uniform and the Kikuchi lines are in focus. The upper structure of PROXIMA has been optimized to reduce the working distance between the pole piece of the scanning electron microscope and the testing sample.

Unlike conventional designs, the 70° tilt is not performed on the entire machine, but is limited on the clamping sample. This educes any premature collisions between PROXIMA and the pole piece of the SEM, thus achieving WDs of 12mm.

Smaller SSD (screen-to-sample distance)

The quality of the recorded patterns depend on the sample-to-screen distance, as the signal intensity will fall with distance. If the screen is moved further away from the sample, the signal will decay requiring a more sensitive low light level camera or increased integration time.

Unlike traditional testing devices with two columns on each side of the testing sample, the new PROXIMA relocates this mechanism behind the testing sample. Reducing the number of ball screws allows to open an area on one side of the sample. As a result, the phosphor screen of the EBSD detector can achieve SSD of 12mm.

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