Today’s stamping tests are done on huge machines that cannot provide any more insight than the final outcome of the test. The evolution of the microstructure between the initial and final state cannot be observed and remains until now a “black box”.

Polaris is a novel and innovative miniaturized mechanical testing device, destined to perform stamping and bending experiments. The originality of this machine comes to its ability to fit inside scanning electron microscopes (SEM). This opens a new range of applications capable of analysing in situ the microstructure of materials directly while they are being deformed. Not only will POLARIS allow you to to understand the core behaviour of materials in an unprecedented way

Key Features

• Tests: Stamping, Vertical Bending
• Force capacity: 10 kN
• Crosshead travel: 15 mm
• Max. speed test: 50 µm/s
• Min. speed test: 0.1 µm/s
• Dimension: 235 x 220 x 60 mm
• Weight: 3.2 Kg