At a glance

Founded in Metz (France) in 2012, since MicroMecha has transformed itself into an international engineering company. As a result of its considerable know-how and its effective policy of innovation, MicroMecha is today one of the few companies capable of designing and supplying a full range of technological solutions for the microtesting sector and a part of the Kammrath & Weiss GmbH.

Inspired by technology.Driven by innovation.

Our micromachines are aimed at the study of material damaging under thermo-mechanical loading. They allow to perform in situ tests directly in a SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope), or with an optical microscopes, and to study the influence of internal stresses on the behaviour of materials using different diffraction techniques.

Tests can be performed while doing a direct observation:

  • under an optical microscope,
  • in a SEM enclosure (Scanning Electron Microscope),
  • under a diffraction goniometer (analysis of residual stresses, phases and texture),
  • with synchrotron radiation,
  • under an scanning probe microscope.

The complete characterization of materials can finally be evaluated while they sustain a thermo-mechanical loading. The crystalline orientation, the failure of particles as well as the initiation and the propagation of cracks can fully be observed under loading. It is possible to combine the different tests with other techniques in SEM:

  • EBSD (Electron BackScattered Diffraction),
  • EDS (Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy),
  • Raman spectroscopy,
  • Kossel microdiffraction.

Local analysis of chemical composition, phases, crystallographic orientation, deformation and stresses on different scales of the microstructure aren’t limited anymore to post mortem investigations.