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Heating & Cooling stages

Our heating and cooling stages allow to combine thermal and mechanical applications. Both can be aimed at either conventional observation (0° tilt of the tensile sample) or EBSD observation (70° tilt of the tensile sample). The spectrum of temperature lies between -180°C and 450°C.

3- or 4- point bending grips (EBSD compatible)

3- and 4-point bending grips allows to image the ‘edge-on’ of the sample, either during conventional observation (0° tilt of the sample), or during EBSD observation (70° tilt of the sample). The dimensions and space between the clamps can be adapted to your need.

Biaxial grips (EBSD compatible)

Biaxial testing generates more precise simulations of real-world stress states. Therefore MicroMecha developed the first biaxial grips which are also EBSD compatible, allowing complex multiaxial stress simulations. Specimen are typically cruciform.

Interchangable load cells

Since not all applications are alike, additional load cells are available to extend the load range of Proxima. These can easily be switched by the user, guaranteeing a maximum of flexibility.