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inspired by technology. driven by innovation.



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Our engineers are constantly on the lookout for new technological solutions that will best attend to our costumer needs in terms of industrial and financial performance, the reliability of our products and the range of research. The development of new products and improvement of existing equipment enables MicroMecha to compete with established companies.

MicroMecha is able to fulfil these objectives for the benefit of our costumers again and again thanks to its highly motivated and qualified engineers, whose creativity has always been the driving force behind MicroMecha’s success. Apart from our know-how, it is above all our open mindset which enables us to be in constant dialogue with our costumers, to formulate technical and economic targets together and to develop innovative solutions. The use of powerful computer-aided design tools, in-house developed project management software and interactive communication programs enable our R&D teams to fully exploit their creative potential and to thrive towards a leading position.